School in the Park

A program designed to support and enhance student learning and achievement for Rosa Parks Elementary and Wilson Middle students. The program provides enriching, authentic learning experiences for students and a gateway to the broader culture through the resources of Balboa Park.

School in the Park is an experiential learning program that shifts the classroom from City Heights to museums and the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park. Children in grades three through seven spend between four and eight weeks per year learning in a stimulating environment of museum galleries and Zoo exhibits. Museum educators working with school teachers provide instruction by using the resources of the various Balboa Park institutions.

The School in the Park goals are:

  • Enrich student educational experiences thereby motivating and inspiring students to want to learn
  • Enhance student achievement
  • Enhance self esteem and self confidence through cultural experiences
  • Support education departments at Balboa Park institutions

Price Philanthropies provides grant funding based on student attendance to participating Balboa Park institutions. All School in the Park curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Curriculum developed by School in the Park is often used for other educational programs sponsored by the museums and the Zoo.

As a continuation of the School in the Park program, Price Philanthropies funds an experiential learning program for sixth, seventh and eighth graders at Monroe Clark Middle School. This program creates the opportunity for the San Diego Zoo, Salk Institute, Rueben H. Fleet Science Center, Birch Aquarium and Ocean Discovery Institute to bring their expertise into the classroom and provide an experiential outing in which students travel to these science institutions for an in depth inquiry into grade level appropriate and  Common Core Standards content. The goal of this program is for science to come alive for students in a real world setting.

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