Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti is a community wide problem which degrades the neighborhood and makes people concerned about their safety and surroundings. Price Charities partners with Urban Corps, the City Heights Business Association and Project Clean to remove graffiti at no cost to property owners.

Quick reporting of graffiti by residents and business owners allows Urban Corps to remove graffiti along the business corridor during business hours. Project Clean and Price Charities work crews paint out graffiti during patrols of “hotspots.” Enforcement of graffiti laws is a priority for the area police department. Monthly briefings keep stakeholders aware of the effort.

Following Price Charities’ philosophy of leveraging community resources and solutions, funding for graffiti abatement comes from a variety of sources. Price Charities provided the funding for a pickup truck, paint and two maintenance staff working on a part-time basis. The City of San Diego provided funding for the creation of the Maintenance Assessment District operated by the City Heights Business Association. The Business Association finances maintenance services, subcontracting the work to Urban Corp. Project Clean is an all volunteer organization comprised of area residents.

To report graffiti for removal contact Jessie Tolentino at jtolentino@pricecharities.org or (619) 944-7365.

For further information about the program contact Matthew Hervey at mhervey@pricecharities.org.

For information about the City Heights Business Association contact Enrique Gandarilla at (619) 906-4453.

For information about Project Clean contact Linda Pennington at Community Housing Works (619) 282-6647.

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