Other Projects

The following programs are no longer actively managed by Price Philanthropies. Some have been discontinued and others have been adopted by partner organizations.

Copley-Price YMCA

Price Charities donated the land and Price Philanthropies made a significant grant to make the Copley-Price YMCA a reality. The … read more

City Heights Partnership for Children

The City Heights Partnership for Children (CHPfC) brings together leaders from the education, health and human services, nonprofit, business, civic, … read more

Pitch Home Loan Program

The PITCH (Participate In Transforming City Heights) Home Loan Program was one of Price Charities' earliest attempts to improve the … read more

Jobs Initiative

The Jobs Initiative was instituted in 2011 and 2012 to stimulate job creation in City Heights during the economic downturn. Price … read more

Community Service Rent Credit

This program increased capacity at City Heights nonprofits and reduced housing costs for tenants at the Village Townhomes, owned and … read more

Community Policing

Community Policing is a collaboration between the police and the community, which identifies, prioritizes and solves community problems. In conjunction with … read more

Dad’s Club

The Dads’ Club focused on developing and enhancing the father/child relationship through monthly activities at six City Heights schools. Price Philanthropies supported … read more

Safety Initiative

The Safety Initiative was a two year grant to the Consensus Organizing Center at San Diego State University to establish … read more

Success For Life

Success for Life initially began at Rosa Parks Elementary School and branched out to Hamilton, Edison, Joyner, Central and Normal … read more

Price Community Builder Fellowship Program

The goals of this program were: to build capacity at City Heights nonprofit organizations, to educate social work students in … read more

Bridges Cohort

The purpose of the pilot, which began in 1998, was to test the effects of keeping teachers and students together … read more

Security Camera Installation

The City Heights Business Association, in cooperation with the San Diego Police Department, devised a program of public right of … read more

Metro Center

The Metro Center consists of two distinct projects: an office building and a housing project, both completed in November 2004. … read more
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