Other Projects

Dad’s Club

The Dads’ Club focused on developing and enhancing the father/child relationship through monthly activities at six City Heights schools.

Price Philanthropies supported the program at Monroe Clark and Woodrow Wilson Middle Schools and Hamilton, Joyner, Rosa Parks and Central Elementary Schools.

Many studies have shown that parental interaction is one of the most vital factors in a child’s early development and reduces the likelihood of a child becoming involved in risky behaviors as he/she gets older.

The program emphasized helping dads model leadership skills and increasing their participation in the classroom and school activities.

Although no quantitative evaluations were completed, there are indications through qualitative interviews that Dad’s Clubs can be effective in increasing fathers’ participation in their children’s education.

Price Philanthropies ended its day to day administration of the program in 2013, but is exploring opportunities for a third party to operate Dad’s Clubs in some City Heights schools.

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