Housing and Office Space

The City Heights Initiative includes the redevelopment project known as the “Urban Village.”

During the development of the police division offices, Sol Price entered into an agreement with the City of San Diego to redevelop a blighted area southeast of University and Fairmount. The Urban Village includes the construction of a library; an outdoor theatre; park area and playground; a recreation center; tennis courts and a swimming pool; a preschool; and a continuing adult education center. William Jones developed the adjacent Urban Village Shopping Center, anchored by an Albertsons grocery store. Completed before the millennium, the Urban Village represents tangible and highly visible improvements to the community creating confidence and hope for the future.

In 2000, Sol Price founded the “San Diego Revitalization Corporation” (later renamed Price Charities) to develop residential and commercial real estate in City Heights.

The first project included the City Heights Center office building, which houses non-profit organizations and brought jobs and public services to the community and the Village Townhomes, which brought quality housing at affordable prices. The second project, known as the Metro Career Center, consisted of 120 housing units and an 82,000 square foot office building. The Metro Center was completed in 2004 and later sold. In 2005, Price Charities purchased property on the northwest intersection of Fairmount and University avenues and began a third project to be built in four phases. The first phase, completed in 2007, is a 150 unit affordable senior housing complex, owned and operated by Senior Community Centers of San Diego. The second phase, opened in August 2010, is a 30,000 square foot La Maestra Community Clinic. The third phase, completed in October 2011, is a mixed use, housing over commercial facility. It is owned by Price Charities and the residential portion is managed by ConAm. The fourth phase was construction of a 5,400 square foot community park by the City of San Diego, completed in February 2014..

Retail and office space available in City Heights. Visit City Heights Square Retail for leasing information on retail space and City Heights Center for leasing information on office space.