City Heights Links

City Heights Links is an online referral resource for City Heights families looking for services to improve their quality of life. The kiosk-like interface is easy to use for computer novices and residents who speak English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Click here to access City Heights Links.

City Heights Support Services Snapshots

The City Heights Support Services Snapshots are a compilation of organizations working in City Heights, a community in the Mid-City area of San Diego. Each snapshot lists information about an organization, their programs, and the population they serve.

City Heights Resources Guide

Map of Services


Please contact Phillip Barbour, with questions or comments at:

Disclaimer Unless otherwise specifically stated, the information contained herein is made available to the public by Price Charities for use as a resource document. Price Charities developed the City Heights Support Services Snapshots with the intent to transmit information to strengthen networking between organizations. Price Charities compiled all information with the express permission of the appropriate entity, neither Price Charities nor any other agency or entities named hereof assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information.

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